Centered on Munich and New York City—this collection celebrates the ambition and bustle of cosmopolitan life. Giving women workwear injected with personality, the collection is constructed of performance fabrics and a color palette in which ice blue, petal pink and crisp white are bolstered by shocking yellow and cobalt. Inspired by Marlene Dietrich, who often blurred the lines of gender norms in dressing, and the famous, all-American Patti Smith, feminine pieces feature masculine touches: loose silhouettes, plays with proportion, epaulettes on blazers and oversize but tons that challenge traditionally delicate and feminine styles.

As always, hidden details are a signature of the brand, circling back to the mystery behind opening a love letter; a peekaboo slip of lace, contrast color piping and even discrete mini pockets hark back to the designer’s dedication to a little touch of intrigue with romance at heart.