A Letter From the Founder

Let’s get personal.

In the wake of this pandemic, we are all called to reflect on our inner self - when Millennials, GenZ and the rest of us who might look into spirituality for the first time or other explanations to help us find meanings in life - I would like to share my personal story with you and what this brand is all about.

My name is Ludi Wang and I am the Founder and Creative Director of HAUS VON M.

Born under a volcano in Manchuria, China, the snowy mountainous region dubbed “the Patagonia region of China”. Sicilians and I share a lot in common such as idioms regarding a quick temper.

Ever since I was three years old, I was forced into living a life that is “on-the-go” - largely because my father was diagnosed with Leukemia and later passed away. My mother took care of him in the hospital while working full-time. I had to grow up fast.

Losing both parents suddenly at a young age and later rotating between relatives, daycare centers, boarding schools, even between countries and continents - I've also lived in Akita, Japan, another snowy town in the north - I started to look for the true meaning of my life long before Coronavirus hit - I even got four different degrees for the sake of it.

I was lucky enough to grow up with a loving grandmother who is the most adventurous woman I’ve ever met - she eloped at the age of 16 with my grandfather, a young Revolutionist. My grandmother became an accomplished doctor and scientist and in turn raised a strong, independent woman - me.

In 2016, I founded HAUS VON M, my second luxury fashion startup after an in-depth trip around the world to more than 40 countries. I was looking for answers because, as a proud Manchurian, I realized I culturally identify with Germans a lot who speak their mind and sugarcoat nothing. Being brutally honest, on top of being an alcoholic, is our forte.

I’ve seen so many different kinds of powerful and confident women that it inspired me to create this brand to celebrate that strong woman I saw all over the world.

I knew I was onto something but I wasn’t sure what exactly. Because the first question people often asked me is, what does the "M" stand for?

Today, I’m proud to share with you that M stands for Mother. I wanted to create a brand, full of timeless beautiful pieces with special protective fabrics just like the embraces of our mothers. Whether you are female, male or non-binary, maternal love is unconditional and protects us from all the harm, whether it's germ, pollen, rain, or violence. And our materials are 100% sustainable as a tribute to our Mother Nature.

All my collections always have a theme led by a strong female image that I myself have always aspired to be and in general to empower you to stand up for what you believe in, be it love, career or life.

I want my customer to enjoy all the things I've somehow missed out on as a child, every minute of it, whether it's a stroll at Central Park, or a spontaneous trip to another country. This brand aims to protect, nurture, love and empower the wearer, unconditionally, whoever or wherever you are.

Every time you wear or look at your HAUS VON M piece, you will feel like you are being loved - that's what I wish for everyone of our customers.

Now go out and kick ass.


                                                                                                      Yours truly,


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