Life on the go

For a busy life on the go, we all juggle: it's that 6pm Happy Hour immediately followed by another dinner party on the other side of the city; it's that loose lid of a cappuccino which destroyed your dress before your next appointment; it's that yoga class we try to squeeze in and the Uber ride we need to catch next. 

HAUS VON M is here to make your life a bit easier.

Function and tech intersect in the form of brilliant fabrications sourced from mills in Italy and Japan; Select garments are constructed with innovative moisture-wicking, wrinkle and stain-resistant features. The resilient, high-performance textiles live up to their promise, carrying one from morning to late night with ultimate polish and ease.

Inspired by the individual nature of snowflakes, pristine white lace is equally unique, diligently woven with shimmering thread. We work with reputable lace mills from Spain, Italy and China and do not sacrifice beauty for functionality. 

Natural mother-of-pearl buttons are concealed often under a front panel for a minimalistic and polished effect.

Hidden pockets are our favorite secrets designed for the convenience of a traveler.