Urban Nomads: A lifestyle on the go

For urban nomads, we all juggle: it's that 6pm Happy Hour immediately followed by another dinner party on the other side of the city; it's that loose lid of a Cappuccino which destroyed your white shirt before your next appointment; it's that personal trainer session we try to squeeze in and the Uber ride we run to catch next. And then, you realized it started to rain and you did not bring an umbrella with you. 

For most professional women, it can be difficult to find a fashionable and functional way to keep warm and dry in bad weather and to pack for multi-climate business trips.

At HAUS VON M, we design functional and beautiful trench coats that protect you from wind, rain, and weather that can ruin your clothes and kill your morale.

You'll feel confident and comfortable when you travel in our stylish trench coats that are suitable for all seasons and occasions.

Our founder started this brand after losing six umbrellas in one year- it is not she is that forgetful, it is often when she bought quality umbrellas, someone else took hers and left her with a broken one by the door- it was 2016 and she was screaming inside as a woman, as a designer: Can we please have a more stylish and more sustainable solution?

Yet no one else seemed to bother. As the saying goes, "She believed she could, so she did."

The rest is history.

Nothing speaks louder than our fabrics: Function and tech intersect in the form of brilliant fabrications sourced from mills in Italy and Japan; The resilient, high-performance textiles live up to their promise, carrying one from morning to late night with ultimate polish and ease.